Verifying your company details on the Diligent Qualification Platform

FAQs for GCP/GCLP Service and Technology Providers

How it works and how you benefit

Why should my company be listed on the Diligent Qualification Platform?

Clinical trial sponsors use the Diligent Qualification Platform (DQP) as the fastest and easiest way to qualify GCP/GCLP providers quickly against industry-leading quality standards as defined through the Avoca Quality Consortium (AQC). The DQP is used by Clinical Development, Outsourcing and Quality/Compliance teams at leading pharma and biotech companies to identify and qualify service providers before arranging outsourcing contracts.
So being listed on the DQP makes your company and its services easier to find by clinical trial sponsors that are actively looking to partner with vendors.

Why do you need me to verify my company information?

We’re asking service and technology Providers to check their company details, effectively creating a company account, and defining your contact information.  Think about it as simply providing details that would feed a directory of service providers.

Once you have done this, we will publish your company details to all trial sponsors using the Diligent Qualification Platform.

What information do you need us to provide or verify right now?

If we have recently emailed you about this initiative, we have already recorded some basic details on the Diligent Qualification Platform including company name, head office address, and website address. We want you to check that these details are accurate and provide contact details for a primary contact within your organization before we list your company on the DQP.

Can we add more details about our specialties?

Yes – please do! We would also like you to provide more details on the services that you offer, geographical regions served, any relevant accreditations/certifications, and if you specialize in any therapeutic areas. Our easy onboarding wizard will guide you through this process.

This information is useful for trial sponsors looking for specialist vendors and will increase your company visibility to sponsors.

How much will this cost us?

It costs nothing for you to provide and verify this information.  Beyond simply being listed in our directory on our platform, we do offer a subscription model for service providers hosting data on our platform and transacting data with sponsors.  We’re happy to discuss the subscription model at your convenience.

What if I have problems completing the details or have any questions?

Please contact us directly at

Or call our telephone support advisors:

  • (Americas) 9am-5pm US Eastern Time, Mon-Fri: +1 (609) 759-6509 or +1 (302) 893-5735 cellphone
  • (EMEA) 9am-5pm Central European Time, Mon-Fri: +40 750 182 641


How can the DQP help us get qualified faster by clinical trial sponsors?

Once your basic company details are verified, you can complete our CORE Request for Information (RFI) questionnaire. This collects a standardized set of details that trial sponsors will need in order to assess clinical trial service providers quickly and objectively. You can also fill in responses to any specific RFIs for the services that you provide.

The answers you give will be stored on the DQP, so that they are ready to be shared with trial sponsors that you want to work with. We will always ask for your approval before we share your answers with trial sponsors. During this approval process, you will have the ability to update your RFI answers as needed. By completing this process now and using our industry standard templates, it will save you time later when you are trying to build a relationship with sponsors quickly.

Furthermore, we carry out Vendor Qualification Assessments (VQAs) on behalf of trial sponsors using our network of expert quality auditors. If we complete a VQA audit of your organization, you will then have the option to share your VQA report(s) on the Diligent Qualification Platform, which can attract the attention of other trial sponsors. They will have the ability to access your report(s) with your approval, and this will save you a significant amount of time and costs against hosting multiple audits by different trial sponsors. If there are findings in your report, you will also have an opportunity to amend your resolution of those findings to your report in our platform too.

Who else is listed on the platform?

New companies are being listed on the DQP all the time. We have verified hundreds of clinical service providers, and many of those providers are already actively transacting their data with trial sponsors. Feel free to go to to see some of the service providers already on board.

How will my company information be seen by trial sponsors?

When trial sponsors look for providers on the platform they will see basic profile information, such as your company name, head office address, and website. We will also make your company searchable by the service or technology categories you offer and show whether or not your company has qualification questionnaires or Vendor Qualification Assessment (VQA) reports on the platform.

When a sponsor requests access to your company’s qualification questionnaire data and/or VQA report(s), we will notify you so that you can approve or reject their request. You also have the ability to update any details before you release data to a requesting sponsor.

Sponsors are not able to see any confidential information without your approval, and other providers are not able to see your confidential information. You are in full control over your data.

How long does it take to create a company profile?

Using our easy onboarding wizard only takes a few minutes to create an account and verify your company information.

Can I stop and restart filling out my profile?

Yes, you can stop whenever you need to and come back to where you left off, provided you “Save” your information before logging out of the Wizard.

Who are the trial sponsors using Diligent?

Subscribers to the Diligent Qualification Platform include several top 20 pharma and biotech companies as well as mid-size pharma companies.  We are quickly growing traction across the industry and expect the DQP to be the single source of truth for vendor qualification data in the near future.

What if we don’t verify our company details?

Until you or a colleague verifies your company details and creates an account, we won’t list your company on the DQP, so you can’t be found by trial sponsors looking for your services.

Have any other questions? Email us at