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Diligent Qualified Providers at your fingertips

Vendor qualification needed an upgrade.

Diligent Pharma is the industry’s leading vendor qualification ecosystem, connecting pharma and biotech Sponsors to a global network of Diligent Qualified GCP and GCLP Providers.

Accelerate study launch with direct access to high-quality qualification questionnaires and audit reports.

The industry’s essential process innovation

Pharma and biotech organizations often qualify the same Providers with different tools and criteria. Every year, more than $3 billion and 17 million days are wasted on redundant qualification activities.

The solution? Audit modernization.

Our FDA-accepted cooperative audit model eliminates the need for separate reviewers, styles, and findings, resulting in cost savings and accelerated risk management. This centralized approach drives efficiency without compromising compliance rigor, data integrity, or report quality.

Rigorous compliance

Improve risk awareness and compliance with a comprehensive global qualification model

  • Assess providers against rigorous standards established in a collaborative model with hundreds of pharma, biotech, and regulatory leaders
  • Drive efficiency without compromising on quality via a centralized source of qualification data mapped to the latest global regulatory requirements
  • Pair up with an industry auditor with over ten years of experience in GCP or GCLP, matching your specific requirements to their subject matter expertise

Rapid vendor qualification

Expedite the audit process with direct access to up-to-date vendor qualification information

  • Shorten your vendor qualification timeline from over three months to less than a week or even a day
  • Streamline partner discovery in your next trial with our vendor network, covering specialties to full-service, even including emerging categories like eClinical technologies and services
  • Join a pre-scheduled vendor qualification audit, confidential and custom-fit to your desired scope

Cost-efficient risk management

Lower costs and enhance risk management through data-driven decision making

  • Qualify vendors while minimizing direct and indirect expenses by 60%
  • Eliminate the significant opportunity cost of study start-up delays
  • Choose the right vendor with strategic, data-backed, risk-based decision making across nearly thirty clinical trial service categories


successful qualification exchanges


avg. days saved per qualification


cost reduction per qualification

How is using existing audit reports a credible and acceptable way to qualify Providers?

ICH Q9, ICH Q10, and ICH E6 leave the vendor qualification method up to trial Sponsors, and the industry has long relied on independent audits to qualify the same Providers. Our FDA-accepted cooperative audit model eliminates the need for separate auditors, styles, and findings, resulting in cost savings and accelerated risk management without compromising compliance. For some, qualification is a box to be checked, but Diligent was founded as an independent third-party auditor to inject objectivity and precision into this crucial process.

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