The Diligent Qualification Platform streamlines the selection and qualification of clinical trial service providers

Diligent gives trial sponsors access to standardized Request For Information (RFI) details and Vendor Qualification Assessment (VQA) reports for GCP providers.
This dramatically reduces the time and resources you need for vendor qualification before starting a clinical study.

Clinical trial sponsors, CROs and providers of specialist services all benefit with Diligent’s simplified and accelerated processes for Provider qualification.

Saving time in clinical trials with Diligent Pharma

With the Diligent Qualification Platform, you can:

Save time and administrative headaches

Enable data-driven, higher quality decisions for provider selection

Onboard new providers and capabilities in shorter timeframes

Manage supplier risks and QC more easily

Apply new innovations and technologies

Benefits for Clinical Trial Sponsors

  • Reduced cycle time from vendor need to contract (30-day goal)
  • Simplified and comprehensive GCP & GCLP vendor qualification processes supported by strong documentation
  • High quality vendor assessments that meet global regulatory agency requirements and latest industry standards
  • Benefit from experienced and highly-qualified GCP & GCLP auditors
  • Reduced VQA costs (auditor staff and travel)
  • Rapid acquisition of existing qualification reports (where available)

Benefits for Clinical Trial Service Providers

  • Streamlined Request for Information (RFI) completion process
  • Ability to satisfy multiple sponsors with one Vendor Qualification Assessment (VQA)
  • Potential for significant reduction in volume of VQAs
  • Reduced non-billable costs associated with hosting VQAs
  • Increased visibility of your service offerings to clinical trial sponsors actively searching vendors
  • Complete control of which organizations see your RFI and VQA details

Why Diligent?

Clinical trial sponsors as well as service providers need Diligent to cut the cost and time of vendor qualification:


  • The average total cycle time from an RFI request to a signed contract is over 19 weeks
  • Cycle times for vendor qualification are lengthy and growing
  • Estimated industry spend on vendor qualification and requalification is $375m/year


Source: The Tufts/Avoca Benchmarking Study on Industry Qualification Practices, January 2020

The Diligent platform will simplify and streamline your provider selection and qualification processes

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