Rapidly identify, evaluate, and select clinical service providers with the Diligent Qualification Platform.


Diligent allows for accelerated and highly-informed decision making in your vendor selection process.

Are you involved with the qualification and selection of clinical service providers?


Is an efficient, cost-effective process for evaluating and qualifying providers important to you?


Do you find it challenging to assess and qualify providers of emerging technologies?


Diligent is your solution.

The Diligent Qualification Platform consists of technology and services that simplify and streamline vendor qualification and selection decisions.

Diligent Qualification Platform

A cloud-based, centralized service, with a robust database at its core, around which the technology is built and delivered:

  • Repository of completed RFI questionnaires 
  • Searchable by key parameters
  • Ability to compare multiple provider RFIs
  • Provider ownership of their information 

Diligent Quality Services

Helping sponsors develop a comprehensive approach to vendor qualification with the following services:

  • Conduct Vendor Qualification Assessments (VQAs)
  • Develop a thorough audit strategy
  • Design/installation of vendor qualification procedures
  • Support for continuous provider oversight
  • Strategic planning for provider management

With the Diligent Qualification Platform, you can:

Reduce your ICH E6 (R2) compliance risk

Enable data-driven, higher quality decisions for provider selection

Onboard new providers and capabilities in shorter timeframes

Utilize a more cost, time, and resource efficient model

Reduce your administrative expenses

Sponsor Benefits

  • Simplified and comprehensive vendor qualification processes supported by strong documentation
  • High quality vendor assessments that meet global regulatory agency requirements
  • Access to experienced and highly-qualified auditors
  • Reduced burden on vendors hosting VQAs (lower volume)
  • Reduced VQA costs (auditor staff and travel)
  • Reduced cycle time from vendor need to contract (30-day goal)
  • Rapid acquisition of existing qualification reports (if available)

Provider Benefits

  • Potential for significant reduction in volume of VQAs
  • Ability to satisfy multiple sponsors with one VQA
  • Reduced administrative non-billable costs associated with hosting VQAs
  • Increased visibility of service offerings to a wide range of industry leading sponsors
  • Streamlined RFI completion process
  • Manage RFI content within the Diligent Qualification Platform
    • Updates to regulations and guidance are reflected in Diligent Standards
RFIs Currently Available

Functional Services

Within the Diligent Qualification Platform, industry-leading standards and RFI questionnaires expand into five of the most frequently outsourced functional service areas:

  • Field monitoring
  • Data management
  • Medical writing
  • Biostatistics
  • Phase I units

Endpoint Services

In addition to the five core functional service areas, Diligent includes these seven endpoint-generating service categories:

  • Central laboratories
  • IRT services
  • Central ECG services
  • Medical imaging services
  • Biomarker laboratories
  • Bioanalytical laboratories 
  • Clinical outcome assessments
Emerging Technologies
By joining The Diligent Qualification Platform, emerging technology providers can give input on the development and finalization of various RFIs such as:

  • e-Informed consent
  • EHR for recruitment
  • Actigraphy – Wearables
  • e-Reg binder
  • Mobile health care provider visits

Once these new RFIs are finalized and published on the platform, Diligent sponsor members will have visibility to your organization’s exciting new technology offerings.


Why Diligent?


The changing clinical trial landscape and regulatory requirements demand higher quality, compliance, and efficiency in the execution of clinical trials.


The Diligent Qualification Platform meets those needs with a cloud-based technology and suite of services that enable Sponsors and CROs to rapidly identify, evaluate, and select clinical service providers.


A centralized platform enables higher quality, data-driven decision making and reduces risk.

Let Diligent help you simplify and streamline your provider selection and qualification processes.

Diligent is a proud member of the eClinical Forum, a global network for innovation, learning, and collaboration in clinical research.