Streamline Vendor Qualification and Enhance Risk Management in Clinical Research

Diligent Pharma is a Quality and Risk Management Organization with a central platform that drives speed, efficiency, and high compliance in clinical trial vendor qualification.

The Diligent Qualification Platform shortens clinical trial start-up times while reducing the burden of vendor qualification for trial sponsors as well as their service providers.

Benefits for Sponsors

Empowering Trial Sponsors

Our clinical trial experts use our central platform to support sponsors through every phase of the ICH quality and risk management process – from ensuring rigor in vendor qualification to supporting a data-driven, risk-based approach to vendor oversight.


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Benefits for Providers

Supporting Trial Service Providers

Service and technology providers can share the results of a Diligent qualification audit – or Qualification Questionnaire answers – confidentially with their clients using our secure platform and objective approach. This reduces the significant resource burden of hosting many sponsor audits and helps you get to contract faster with your clients.

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Compliance Rigor with Diligent

Compliance Rigor

We support the highest level of compliance with global regulations. 

Our centralized model and standardized approach drives efficiency without compromising on quality.

Rapid Vendor Qualification

Rapid Vendor Qualification

Save time and expedite your qualification process with immediate access to vendor qualification information.

Cost-Efficient Risk Management

Cost-Efficient Risk Management

Reduce costs and enhance risk management through data-driven decision-making.

How we drive speed, efficiency and compliance

Our objective approach and centralized vendor qualification information is modernizing and streamlining vendor qualification.

We help trial sponsors and service providers to eliminate bottlenecks and redundant practices, save time and ensure compliance.

Traditional model of vendor qualification
Every sponsor qualifies every vendor  = Complex & time-consuming
One at a time, repetitive & inconsistent
Reactive, with uncertain costs and quality
Diligent model of vendor qualification
One central database with completed, searchable qualification questionnaries (RFIs) and anonymized VQAs
Efficient, symbiotic & comprehensive
Proactive coverage with demonstrable ROI

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Helping clinical trials start faster with streamlined selection & qualification of clinical research service providers