About Diligent Pharma

Diligent is the sole GCP/GCLP vendor qualification organization relieving Providers of the audit burden and equipping Sponsors with centralized qualification data.

Delivering diligent results

Our mission is to streamline Sponsor-Provider engagements while ensuring global compliance, maintaining data integrity, and ultimately accelerating treatment delivery to patients. When adopted at scale, Diligent will be poised to revolutionize the entire industry.

400K qualification events take place across the industry each year.

With the Diligent model, there is a >90% reduction, at <40K annual qualification events.

20M qualification days occur across the industry each year.

With the Diligent model, there is a >85% reduction, at <2.5M qualification days annually.

$4.5B is spent on qualification across the industry each year.

With the Diligent model, there is a >70% reduction, at <$1.3B spent annually.

Who we are

When you join our Provider platform or Sponsor community, you gain more than technology. You tap into our extensive experience across diverse clinical and quality applications for a holistic understanding of research intricacies and global standards, along with the unique, pioneering perspective needed to stay ahead of clinical trial innovation and audit modernization.

Patty Leuchten

Patricia Leuchten

CEO and Founder

A pharma industry leader and entrepreneur with a focus on driving improvements in clinical trial execution, at scale, through innovative solutions. In 1999, she founded The Avoca Group, whose Avoca Quality Consortium paved the way for Diligent Pharma and the Diligent Qualification Platform.

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Jennifer Sessions, MS, LLS Certified

Vice President, Client Services

25+ years in research and development experience in industry including Eli Lilly & Co, academia, and biotechnology sectors in Clinical Development, Clinical Operations, Clinical Trial Management, Lean Six Sigma, Pharmaceutical Project Management, Vendor Relationship Management and Process Optimization and Improvement

Patty Leuchten

Chris Casazza

Chief Commercial Officer

23+ years of Commercialization and R&D commercial team leadership on the service side of the Pharma/BioPharma industry. Chris has held senior leadership positions at Kantar Health leading the US Client Consulting Services sales team, as well as Chief Commercial Officer of YourEncore with a transition to a leader of the Consulting organization at Advarra when acquired.

The Diligent provider qualification model

Anthea Dransfield

Head of Quality

With over 30 years in the pharmaceutical industry, Anthea has held various operational and quality leadership roles, covering cGMP, clinical site operations, technical validation, and GxP quality oversight. Anthea advocates for risk-based, compliance-focused approaches and leverages technology to enhance quality processes.
Currently, Anthea leads Diligent’s quality and risk frameworks, ensuring effective business practices and high-quality work products.

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Greg Bell, CPA

Head of Finance and Administration

30+ years as a Senior Financial Executive for healthcare, technology and financial services companies, including 15+ years in leadership roles for SaaS-based software companies.  Most recently, he served as Chief Operating Officer at EREflow.

Syed Mujtaba

Syed Mujtaba

Director of Product Development

Syed is an experienced senior leader in technology and software development, with two decades of expertise in overseeing technical operations, driving product innovation, and shaping software architecture.

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Dan Lynn, MBA

Head of Product Strategy

30+ years of experience in strategy, product management, sales, marketing, technology development, and finance. Dan founded and led DigitalGrit and RelevantNoise, and held senior roles at ADP, Inc. and AT&T, including at Bell Laboratories. He also advised Avoca on product, marketing, and sales strategies.

At Diligent, Dan advises on strategic projects and cross-functional initiatives. He holds an MBA from Rutgers University.

Work with us

Join the Diligent team and become a catalyst for positive change in clinical research. Embark on a rewarding journey as we navigate through exciting early growth. We’re looking for individuals with enthusiasm and passion. If you want an employer that values entrepreneurship, creativity, diversity, and a healthy work-life balance, then Diligent might be the place for you.

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