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If your company offers GCP/GCLP services or technologies to support clinical research you can quickly join the Diligent Qualification Platform with our Easy-to-Use Onboarding Portal

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  • Email:
  • (Americas) +1 (609) 759-6509
    or +1 (302) 893-5735 cellphone
    9am-5pm US Eastern Time, Mon-Fri
  • (EMEA) +40 750 182 641
    9am-5pm Central European Time, Mon-Fri

Why Join the Diligent Qualification Platform?

  • Reach trial sponsors actively looking to identify and qualify GCP/GCLP providers
  • Show your company details and all the services or technologies that you offer to support clinical trials
  • Our comprehensive system supports multiple locations for your company, with different services offered, geographical markets or specialist therapeutic areas served.