Streamline the Selection and Qualification of Clinical Trial Service Providers

Saving Time and Money for Trial Sponsors

Diligent offers the fastest and easiest way to identify, shortlist and assess GCP service and technology providers for clinical research.

Identify and understand potential risks to your clinical trials

Benchmark against global regulatory requirements

Apply industry-leading WCG AQC standards

Global network of auditors

Online platform

Dedicated support team

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Faster access to RFI details

We give you access to standardized Request For Information (RFI) details and Vendor Qualification Assessment (VQA) reports for GCP providers, dramatically reducing the time and resources you need for vendor qualification before starting a clinical study.

Benefits for Clinical Trial Sponsors:

  • Reduced cycle time from vendor need to contract
  • Simplified and comprehensive GCP & GCLP vendor qualification processes supported by strong documentation
  • High quality vendor assessments that meet global regulatory agency requirements and latest industry standards
  • Benefit from experienced and highly- qualified GCP & GCLP auditors
  • Reduced VQA costs (auditor staff and travel)
  • Rapid acquisition of existing qualification reports

Comprehensive Market Coverage

Find Any Vendor Across 28 Clinical Research Service Areas
and Assess Their Quality Against Latest Global Standards


CRO Functional & Phase I Services

Technical Services

CRO eClinical Core Standards

eClinical and Mobile Technologies

Upcoming RFI Categories

  • CRO Clinical Project Management
  • Decentralized Clinical Trial Coordination

What is Included in a Subscription to the Diligent Service?

When you subscribe to the Diligent Qualification platform as a trial sponsor or CRO, your entire team has access to the information they need for effective risk and quality management of service and technology providers.

  • Dedicated Account Manager 
  • Unlimited users – grant access to the Platform to your entire team
  • Access a growing repository of 580+ completed RFI questionnaires from over 850 Providers
  • Ability to request new VQAs and participate in VQAs already scheduled
  • Ability to purchase anonymized VQA reports in the Diligent VQA library.
    Over 100 completed VQA reports are available.
  • Comparison tool to view and evaluate up to 3 RFIs side by side on one screen
  • Option to add premium services & customized scoring

How Can I Trust the Quality Assessments Made by Diligent?

Diligent uses a comprehensive set of standards for qualification that were developed by the WCG Avoca Quality Consortium service providers and sponsors, all with the goal of improving effectiveness and reducing variability during the vendor qualification process. The qualification standards are dynamic and updated as best practices and global regulatory requirements evolve. There are a set of core standards that apply to all vendors as well as sector-specific standards that reflect the 28 service areas shown above.

The Diligent Qualification Platform service builds on these standards using a risk-based assessment of development program requirements. This innovative approach helps clinical trial sponsors and CROs to manage vendor risk effectively and to document their vendor qualifications as required by global health authority regulations. Outsourcing vendor qualification to Diligent reduces variability and enables improved compliance.

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