New RFI Risk Scoring Service

Limited offer for all new subscriptions before November 1, 2022

RFI answers from up to 3 service Providers analyzed for you at no extra cost!
Pre-order our services for 2023 at 2022 prices!

RFI Risk Scoring

Our latest innovation will further support your QA and Compliance teams: Diligent can provide helpful inputs to support your vendor risk assessment process. This includes an evaluation of provider RFI answers to identify the areas of risk that should be understood by sponsors before contracting with any new vendor.

Our RFI scoring reduces the burden on your QA and Compliance teams and most importantly, helps your organization to manage risks in clinical trial execution.
We will include Risk Scoring for up to 3 Provider RFIs with no additional fees if you commit to a Diligent subscription before November 1st, 2022.

If your team is establishing 2023 budgets over the coming weeks, this will also help: you can support future trials with a subscription to the Diligent Platform to start at any point in 2023, but only pay 2022 prices if you sign up before November 1st this year.

The complete package

When your organization subscribes to Diligent, you and your colleagues will now benefit from:

•  Access to 300+ existing RFIs from over 120 service and technology providers
•  Ability to request up to 15 new RFIs from other service providers
• Dedicated Diligent Account Manager
• Access to completed VQA (Vendor Qualification Assessment) reports from our library of 50+ reports
• Up to 5 Diligent VQAs conducted on your behalf, to your specifications, using Diligent auditors, each with a minimum of 10 years’ experience of qualifying GCP vendors
• Access to participate in scheduled vendor qualification visits
Bonus Risk Scoring service: Risk Scoring for 3 of the RFIs you select, saving your team significant time reviewing and assessing RFIs

Accelerate your trials now

Benefits for clinical trial sponsors:

  • Reduced cycle time from vendor need to contract
  • Simplified and comprehensive GCP & GCLP vendor qualification processes supported by strong documentation
  • High quality vendor assessments that meet global regulatory agency requirements and latest industry standards
  • Benefit from experienced and highly-qualified GCP & GCLP auditors
  • Reduced VQA costs (auditor staff and travel)
  • Rapid acquisition of existing qualification reports

Start saving time and money

Diligent offers the fastest and easiest way to identify, shortlist and assess GCP service and technology providers for clinical research.

Industry leading AQC standards

Online platform

Dedicated support team

Global network of auditors

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