Why Diligent?

Pharmaceutical and biotechnology trial sponsors as well as clinical trial service providers need Diligent to cut the cost and time of vendor qualification:


  • The average total cycle time from an RFI request to a signed contract is over 19 weeks
  • Cycle times for vendor qualification are lengthy and growing
  • Estimated industry spend on vendor qualification and requalification is $375m/year


Source: The Tufts/Avoca Benchmarking Study on Industry Qualification Practices, January 2020
  • Higher compliance
  • Faster vendor onboarding
  • Greater efficiency and cost savings
  • Better risk-based decision-making on vendor selection
  • Drive internal efficiency

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  • Reduce time to contract
  • Showcase awareness of capabilities and innovative services
  • Improve risk profile
  • Avoid high costs
  • Drive internal efficiency

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