Feb 21, 2021

How to cut the time and cost of RFIs and Vendor Qualification

A webinar for all clinical trial service providers

In less than 30 minutes, this webinar explains how you can save time and resources working for new clinical trial sponsors in 3 ways:

1) Reach sponsors actively searching for providers of clinical trial services or technologies

2) Provide a single set of answers to Request for Information (RFI) questions for multiple trial sponsors, rather than the standard practice of similar RFIs for each prospective client

3) Reduce the number of Vendor Qualification Assessments (VQAs) audit reports needed for different clients by leveraging each assessment to be used by multiple trial sponsors.


The approach described in this webinar will enable your organization to reach more sponsors with active trial pipelines, and also dramatically reduce the time and resources required for supplier qualification processes.

Over 1100 providers of clinical research services and technologies are on the Diligent Provider Community. Hear our speakers outline the benefits, explain what is involved, and answer your questions about the service. They will give an overview of the Diligent Qualification Platform and an introduction to the industry-agreed standards used to qualify service providers.

Who this webinar is for

  • People with Business Development, contracts, QA or compliance responsibilities at CROs, labs or data management/analytics firms
  • Suppliers of eClinical or mobile technologies for clinical trials

Download the recording and slides below

How to cut the time and cost of RFIs and Vendor Qualification

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Janice Hutt, VP of Strategy

Janice Hutt

VP of Strategy, Diligent Pharma

Kathy Cruz, Director, Product Operations

Kathy Cruz

Director, Product Operations, Diligent Pharma

George Parrish, Director of Business Development

George Parrish

Director, Business Development, Diligent Pharma

Marnie Kanarek, Business Development Support

Marnie Kanarek

Provider Community Manager, Diligent Pharma