Suvoda Vendor Qualification Assessment (VQA) Report and RFI Credentials

Report and RFI Access Request Form

Diligent Pharma has conducted an audit of Suvoda’s IRT, eConsent and eCOA solutions in accordance with industry best practices aligned to the WCG Avoca Quality Consortium (AQC) standards for clinical trial conduct.

Diligent is providing Suvoda’s current and prospective clients the opportunity to quickly acquire Suvoda’s qualification credentials. As part of this arrangement, trial sponsors can access the Vendor Qualification Assessment (VQA) report from our audit of Suvoda’s capabilities for a reduced fee.

This comprehensive report is available immediately through Diligent at a cost of 4,000 USD. This is being offered to Suvoda’s clients for a limited time only, through May 31, 2023. Additionally, Suvoda clients can gain access to Suvoda’s completed Request for Information (RFI) documents (also known as vendor qualification questionnaire data) at no additional cost.

Client request

1. Complete the form below. No payment is needed at this stage.
2. Your request will be approved by Suvoda. On approval you will be emailed a secure link to purchase the VQA report and RFI documents, and download a pdf copy of your invoice.

  • Terms of use:

    These terms of use apply to the purchase and download of the Suvoda VQA Report, as well as to the access of the RFI. The person checking that they “agree to the terms of use” represents that they have the authority to act on behalf of and to bind the named Purchasing Organization (“Purchaser”) to these terms of use.

    Purchaser agrees that they will download and use the VQA Report (and/or RFI) for Purchaser’s internal business purposes only and will maintain the VQA Report (and/or RFI) as confidential and not disclose them to any third parties.

    You and Purchaser may not distribute or permit copies of the VQA Report or RFI to be used for any other purpose.

  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.


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