May 6, 2024

Revolutionizing Clinical Trial Service Provider Qualification

A webinar for clinical service providers that have a vested interest in getting to contract faster with Sponsors and driving revenue more quickly.

With the rise of new innovations across the Provider landscape, and increasing Sponsor reliance on outsourcing trial work, service Provider onboarding is becoming lengthier and more cumbersome. The immense burden Providers bear when being assessed and qualified by multiple trial Sponsors is an overlooked and costly bottleneck in clinical trial execution. In this session we share how Diligent Pharma’s innovative model helps eliminate this bottleneck, relieving Providers of their qualification burden, and allowing them to accelerate sales cycles in the process.

Industry leaders Regeneron (Sponsor) and GenVault (Provider) share why they’ve adopted Diligent Pharma’s technology and process as their preferred method for vendor qualification.

Key Takeaways:

Reduce your qualification burden by getting qualified by Diligent just once annually
Accelerate sales cycles by being prequalified
Demonstrate your commitment to regulatory compliance to your clients and prospects

Download the recording and slides below

Revolutionizing Clinical Trial Service Provider Qualification


Chris Casazza

Chief Commercial Officer, Diligent Pharma

Cristin MacDonald

Andrew Lee

Executive Director “Driving Teams to Deliver Operational Excellence”, GenVault

Chris Otto

Nicos Zittis

Senior Manager, Vendor & Relationship Management, Regeneron

Chris Otto

Peter Haessig

Director, Client Partnerships, Diligent Pharma

Jay Turpen

Jay Turpen

Senior Quality Advisor, Diligent Pharma