Mar 18, 2024

RFI Questionnaire Template for Clinical Trial Vendor Qualification

As a clinical trial Sponsor, it is essential to ask the right questions of your suppliers to manage your risks and align with global regulations. But how do you know which questions will help you qualify vendors and identify the right partners for your trial? How do you ensure compliance with ever-evolving global regulations?

We use a robust Request for Information (RFI) qualifying questionnaire (also known as the Core RFI) which is completed by every service or technology vendor in Diligent so the details are readily available for clinical trial Sponsors. The RFIs in Diligent use the most effective questions to qualify providers because they are based on the industry standards agreed upon by the 225+ member companies of the WCG Avoca Quality Consortium.

In our free RFI pdf template download, we list 20 wide-ranging question categories that you should use to qualify vendors and benchmark them against best-in-class industry standards. We have also included a sample question for each question category. These categories, and the sample questions, are drawn from the Core RFI in the Diligent Platform.

See what kind of questions go into these RFIs, what topics they cover, and what level of detail they ask in our free RFI Template using the form to the right.

Free Template

RFI Questionnaire

Including top 20 question categories and sample questions