Jun 18, 2023

Patty Leuchten, CEO and Founder of Diligent Pharma, Receives 2023 Vistage Lifetime Achievement Award

We are thrilled that Patty Leuchten, CEO and Founder of Diligent Pharma, was recently honored with the prestigious 2023 Vistage Lifetime Achievement Award. This esteemed recognition, awarded at the Vistage Executive Summit, celebrates Patty’s remarkable leadership and unwavering commitment to achieve extraordinary results. Here, we explore the meaning behind this award, shed some light on the support Vistage provides, and hear Patty’s heartfelt thoughts on reaching this incredible milestone.

January 11, 2023 – We have just added three new Request for Information (RFI) templates to the Diligent Platform to enable clinical trial sponsors to qualify providers of IMP management services, mobile biomarker sensors, and mobile respiratory sensors. These latest RFI templates meet the requirements of global regulations and are based upon the most recent qualification standards developed by the WCG Avoca Quality Consortium.

Like the other service-specific RFI questionnaires in the Diligent Platform, the new RFI templates for IMP management, mobile biomarker sensors, and mobile respiratory sensors will be used alongside the Core RFI questionnaire to identify all the information needed for a comprehensive evaluation of these service providers.

“I was honored to receive this award and am accepting it on behalf of the talented colleagues who I have partnered with in our efforts to drive positive improvements in clinical trials. While I appreciate this lifetime achievement recognition, my work is far from completed. I look forward to and am excited about what we’ll accomplish next as a team.”

Patricia Leuchten, CEO and Founder of Diligent Pharma

Vistage: Empowering Executives and Celebrating Success

Vistage is an executive coaching and peer advisory organization and is an invaluable source of guidance and inspiration for businesses and their leaders. Patty has been an active member of Vistage and its vibrant community of like-minded executives since 2010. Vistage plays a pivotal role in fostering personal and professional growth, equipping members with tools to thrive in their industries.

The Vistage Lifetime Achievement Award

Patty Leuchten’s receipt of the Vistage Lifetime Achievement Award is a testament to her visionary leadership and remarkable contributions throughout her career. This accolade recognizes Patty’s dedication to driving positive change and achieving outstanding results across the clinical trial ecosystem.

Patty’s Impactful Journey

Patty’s journey has been an incredible source of inspiration. Leading both Avoca (Patty’s legacy organization) and her current company, Diligent Pharma, over a timespan of close to 25 years, she assembled teams of talented individuals who have shared her passion for making a difference in the clinical trials industry. As part of her acceptance of the award, Patty remarked, “With Avoca and Diligent, I have been fortunate to work with dedicated, talented individuals who are committed to making a positive impact.”

Looking Forward to a Transformative Future

Patty’s Lifetime Achievement Award celebrates her exceptional leadership, commitment, and pursuit of transformational change in the industry. While acknowledging past achievements is a great honor, Patty is most excited about the present and the future. She eagerly embraces the ongoing work and collective aspirations of the Diligent team. Patty shared her enthusiasm, saying, “We are working together to drive an industry transformation focused on shortening clinical trial timelines and driving high quality. I couldn’t be more proud of our progress and the amazing Diligent team.”

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