May 15, 2023

Diligent Pharma, Inc. Announces Completion of $8.27 Million Series A Financing Raised

Princeton, NJ., May 15, 2023 – Diligent Pharma Inc, a private vendor qualification and risk management organization, offering a centralized technology platform for streamlining vendor qualification in clinical trial execution announced today, the closing of an $8.27 Million Series A financing round led by FCA Venture Partners. Additional investors include PJC, and GenHenn Capital along with private investors who have held executive leadership roles in the pharmaceutical industry. This funding round will support the company’s scaling of its data and content strategy.

“Our vision for Diligent Pharma is to drive speed, higher quality and risk mitigation in clinical trial execution through the centralization of qualification and vendor management practices and through the harnessing of data and insights. I feel fortunate to be partnering with FCA, PJC, GenHenn, and the pharma industry leaders who participated in this investment round. Working with our financial partners will enable us to take the Diligent organization to the next level for the purpose of driving improvements, at scale, for our industry. I couldn’t be more excited.”, commented, Patty Leuchten, Diligent Pharma’s Founder and CEO.

“FCA Venture Partners is committed to supporting innovative healthcare and clinical trial technology companies that are poised to deliver significant value through a breakthrough solution,” said Todd Johnson, Partner at FCA Venture Partners. “Diligent Pharma fits that mold. Their outstanding leadership team, led by Patty Leuchten, has developed a novel approach and powerful tools to allow for a much more efficient process of qualifying and managing clinical trial providers.” 

“The Diligent Qualification Platform has the potential to provide efficiencies and time savings for sponsors and service providers across the clinical trial ecosystem. Perhaps even more exciting is the company’s growing impact on increasing clinical vendor quality in study execution and accelerating the qualification process as part of study start-up. I’m looking forward to supporting the Diligent team with their next phase of growth,” said John W. Hubbard, Ph.D., FCP, Retired Biopharmaceutical and CRO Executive.

About Diligent Pharma, Inc.

Diligent Pharma, Inc. is a private vendor management qualification organization, offering a centralized technology platform for streamlining vendor qualification in clinical trial execution. Diligent is transforming the current approach to identifying and qualifying clinical trial vendors and is driving innovation while mitigating risks and addressing the need for speed and high quality in the process.

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