Identifying Risks for Outsourced Services

A Novel Approach to Provider Qualification

On Demand webinar, slides and transcript

Choose your adventure in decentralized clinical trials

A webinar for VPs, Directors and Managers in clinical trial services

The first step to manage risks associated with outsourced clinical services is by careful assessment of each service Providers’ capabilities, management and adherence to their processes, plus the experience of their team members. It is also important to evaluate these areas for each service provider against a standardized set of criteria that follows global industry regulations and current best practices.

This webinar explores how the burden can be lifted and time saved by using the Diligent Qualification Platform to assess service and technology providers against the standards developed by the WCG Avoca Quality Consortium.

Who this webinar is for

This webinar will benefit VPs, Directors and Managers in clinical trial sponsors responsible for:
  • Quality Assurance
  • Clinical Operations
  • Vendor/Outsourcing Management
  • Compliance/Regulatory Management
  • Directors/Heads of Innovation

It will also hold useful insights for Contracts, QA and Compliance staff at Providers of clinical trial services or technologies.

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Hear from our panel of clinical research quality experts

Jennifer Sessions

Senior Director, Diligent Pharma
Cristin MacDonald

Cristin MacDonald, PhD

Vice President Client Delivery at WCG Avoca
Jay Turpen

Jay Turpen

Head of Client Services with Diligent Pharma
Chris Otto

Chris Otto

President and Principal Consultant, CR Otto Consulting
Patty Leuchten

Patty Leuchten

Founder and CEO, Diligent Pharma
Founder, WCG Avoca

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