May 10, 2023

Diligent Pharma recognized as “Innovator of the Year 2023”

We’re proud to announce that Diligent Pharma won first prize in the “8 That Innovate” competition sponsored by the Diversity Alliance for Science (DA4S).

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The Diversity Alliance for Science brings together like-minded corporations and suppliers to advance equity and inclusion in the life science and healthcare global supply chain. It’s prestigious “8 That Innovate” competition allows organizations within the clinical trials space to demonstrate how they use novel ideas to drive value.

The 2023 competition saw eight finalist companies pitch their innovative solutions to a panel of seven experienced life science professionals from BMS, GSK, Takeda, Genentech, StemHunter, and Boston Scientific during the DA4S East Coast Conference in May in New Jersey.

Like the other service-specific RFI questionnaires in the Diligent Platform, the new RFI templates for IMP management, mobile biomarker sensors, and mobile respiratory sensors will be used alongside the Core RFI questionnaire to identify all the information needed for a comprehensive evaluation of these service providers.

“We’re proud and honored to have Diligent Pharma and our qualification platform acknowledged for driving innovation, efficiency and cost savings across the clinical trial ecosystem. Our centralized model is modernizing qualification practices and in doing so, conferring huge benefits to clinical trial sponsors and the growing ecosystem of clinical trial vendors.

Our ultimate vision is for the Diligent Qualification Platform to be the de facto standard for all qualification activities and once we bring this to scale, our platform will serve as a powerful catalyst for shortening clinical trial development times and getting medicines to patients faster.”

Patricia Leuchten, CEO and Founder of Diligent Pharma

The Diligent Qualification Platform was built to allow clinical trial sponsors to find and qualify service and technology vendors faster and with less resources, speeding up clinical research while improving vendor risk management.

The “Innovator of the Year” award from the Diversity Alliance for Science reflects how we help trial sponsors to identify and adopt newer technologies and strategically broaden their supplier base.

Our centralized vendor qualification platform is unique to the industry and brings much-needed efficiencies by avoiding the need for every trial sponsor repeating the same process that Diligent has already completed.

See how the Diligent Qualification Platform works in 2 minutes with our CEO and Founder, Patty Leuchten: