We Help Clinical Trials Start Quickly By Connecting Trial Sponsors with Vetted Suppliers

At Diligent we connect clinical research sponsors, CROs, technology and service providers – quickly and efficiently. This can reduce the time taken to start clinical trials by up to 70 days.

The cloud-based Diligent Qualification Platform holds comprehensive Request For Information (RFI) details for industry suppliers around the world, as well as Vendor Qualification Assessments (VQAs) audited against latest industry standards.

This makes it easy for trial sponsors to identify and qualify relevant potential suppliers – much more quickly than by using traditional methods. It’s also a great timesaver for industry suppliers as it cuts the number of RFIs to be completed and VQAs to host, while providers maintain 100% control over who sees their company information.

With the Diligent Qualification Platform, service providers are more visible and easily accessible to organizations actively searching for partners to conduct clinical research. Meanwhile trial sponsors can take advantage of the most recent technologies on the market with an objective selection process based on verified and up to date supplier details.

Cutting Out the Dysfunction in the Clinical Trial Industry

The Tufts/Avoca Benchmarking Study on Industry Qualification Practices published in 2019 shows the process volume and complexity of the vendor qualification process creates delays in initiation for 7% of clinical trials for biopharma sponsors and 14% of trials for Contract Research Organizations.
The research summarized in the November/December 2019 Tufts CSDD Impact Report also found:

  • Drug developers worldwide spent an estimated $375 million in 2018 to conduct approximately 25,000 new vendor qualification and requalification assessments.
  • There is significant variation across the service provider domains evaluated; a standardized approach would greatly improve the efficiency of evaluations.
  • Cycle times for vendor qualification are lengthy and growing; the average total cycle time from an RFI request to a signed contract is 19.0 weeks for single-service providers and 26 weeks for multi-service providers.
  • There is no identifiable competitive advantage held by any company based on the approaches to vendor qualification examined; an industry-wide or third-party system might benefit every organization.

The Diligent Qualification Platform Simplifies and Streamlines Selection and Qualification of Providers of Clinical Trial Services

Diligent Qualification Platform

A cloud-based, centralized service with a robust database at its core, around which the technology is built and delivered:

  • Repository of completed RFI questionnaires
  • Searchable by key parameters
  • Ability to compare multiple provider RFIs
  • Providers retain full control of their information

Diligent Quality Services

Led by industry veterans with significant experience, Diligent offers help for sponsors to develop a comprehensive approach to vendor qualification. This includes support to:

  • Conduct Vendor Qualification Assessments (VQAs)
  • Develop a thorough audit strategy
  • Expedite the selection process by helping you use scoring by RFIs and VQAs

How the Diligent Qualification Platform Began

Today the Diligent Qualification Platform connects trial sponsors from Top 10 Pharma to small biotechnology companies with a rapidly growing range of CROs, trial sites and providers of services or technologies for clinical research.

A pilot of the Diligent Qualification Platform was released in 2017 by The Avoca Group – a life sciences consulting partner with more than 20 years’ experience in clinical outsourcing and global regulatory requirements. During the
pilot, hundreds of RFIs were exchanged between approximately 13 sponsor organizations and 50 clinical service providers. Following the success of the pilot, Diligent Pharma LLC was spun off from The Avoca Group in 2018, with complete independence from Avoca in 2021.

The pre-qualification tools in the Diligent Qualification Platform (including standards, RFIs and scorecards) were developed by the Avoca Quality Consortium® and its Member companies.

For More Details or a Free Demo of the Platform

Identifying risks for outsourced services

Identifying Risks for Outsourced Services

A Novel Approach to Provider Qualification

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Diligent is a proud member of the eClinical Forum,
a global network for innovation, learning, and collaboration in clinical research

Diligent is a proud member of the eClinical Forum,
a global network for innovation, learning, and collaboration in clinical research