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Guidance for Service and Technology Providers

Diligent Badges


When your company becomes a member of the Diligent Provider Community you can add one of our badges to your company website, promotions and business documents.

These badges demonstrate your company is:

• Ready to start work with clients more quickly

• Transparent about its capabilities and resources to the clients you want to work with

• Effectively managing risks in clinical research

• Helping to improve the efficiency of the overall clinical research industry

There are currently two badge levels: Audit Report Available and RFI Available.

INTEGRITY 320x150px

Audit Report Available Badge

For companies with at least one Vendor Qualification (VQA) available in the Diligent VQA Library.

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INTEGRITY 320x150px

RFI Available Badge

For companies that have provided answers to at least one Request for Information (RFI)/Qualification Questionnaire for the Diligent Qualification Platform.

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Companies that have both 1+ set of RFI responses and 1+ VQA report in the VQA Library can use the “VQA Report Available” Badge on its own, or both badges.

These badge designs reflect the icons being added to the Diligent Qualification Platform to highlight member companies with RFI answers and/or VQA reports.

Audit Report Available Badge details: 

Your company can use this badge if: 

  • It has had at least one Vendor Qualification Assessment (VQA) by Diligent Pharma, and
  • The completed VQA Report is held within the Diligent VQA Library, so it can be requested by clinical trial sponsors.

It does not matter how long ago your VQA took place, or if your VQA report has not yet been requested by a trial Sponsor.

If you are not sure whether your organization has a VQA within the VQA library, please check by emailing

Diligent Qualified Badge

Badge Color: Gold.

Additional/Alternative Wording Options for Qualified Providers

Vendors can use these phrases next to a badge or instead of a badge in cases where the badges cannot be used due to space, layout or appropriateness:

  • “Access our Vendor Qualification Report on the Diligent Qualification Platform.”
  • “Quality assessed/audited by Diligent Pharma”
  • Any of the wording options mentioned under the RFI Available badge below.
  • NOT Allowed: Any wording that mentions “Approved” or “Certified” by Diligent

RFI Available Badge details

Your company can use this badge if:

  • It is a Provider (vendor) of technology or services in support of clinical research (including CROs), and
  • A representative of your company has signed the Diligent Provider Agreement, and
  • Your company has provided answers to at least one Diligent RFI questionnaire (even if the answers are not yet published on the Diligent Platform)

Diligent Qualified Badge

Badge Color: Silver.

Additional/Alternative Wording Options

The following phrases can be used next to the badge, or instead of the badge to show your firm’s membership in situations where the badge cannot be used – for example where there is not enough space or the layout is inappropriate.

  • “Find our RFI answers fast on the Diligent Qualification Platform.”
  • “Find our qualification questionnaire details fast on the Diligent Qualification Platform.”


  • “We are on/in/listed in/included in the Diligent Qualification Platform.”
  • “We are a member of the Diligent Qualification Platform.”
  • “We are a member of the Diligent Provider Community.”

NOT Allowed: Any wording that mentions “Qualified”, “Approved” or “Certified”.

Where to use Diligent badges

Websites – general pages
Websites – pages about specific services ✅ only if the services described on the web page are covered by an RFI or VQA on the Diligent Platform
Promotional emails and email signatures
Social media, directories and third party websites✅ in reference to your company, or a service area covered by an RFI or VQA on the Diligent Platform
Exhibition stands
Digital collateral (pdfs, fliers, presentations, slide decks, videos)
Printed materials (brochures, fliers etc)
Posters and building externals

 Contact to enquire about any usage outside these guidelines.

Placement and Visibility 

Badges should be clearly visible, in high resolution and not pixelated. Here are some best practices for use online:

Prominent placement

Show the badge(s) in a prominent location on your website such as in the header, sidebar or footer of web pages in keeping with your site’s overall design.

Proximity to relevant content

Repeat the badges near to content aimed to build trust or encourage enquiries, such as near to testimonials, partner logos or enquiry instructions.

Responsive design

Ensure that badge sizes and their placement are responsive, so they move or adapt in size to look good on different screen sizes or devices ie desktops, laptops or mobile phones.


Ensure sufficient spacing around the badges to maintain clarity and avoid visual clutter, especially alongside text or other logos. We recommend an exclusion zone around the badge based on the width of the DP icon as shown here:

Size and scale

Ensure badges are large enough to be clearly visible but consistent with other logos and badges on the page.

Recommended minimum sizes:
150 pixels wide (online)
20 mm/ 0.75 in wide (in print).


  • Avoid placing badges in front of text or detailed imagery.
  • Plain backgrounds work best.
  • Choose badges to provide sufficient contrast against background areas.
  • Reversed versions of badges should be used on darker backgrounds.


Use colored badge designs in preference to the monotone or reversed versions. The mono version should only ever be shown in black.

The goal is to make the Diligent badge easily noticeable to reflect its importance and to add credibility for your company to visitors and prospective clients.


    Sizing and file types

    All designs are available as .png image files and .svg vector files in the packs below. Click on the links to download the png versions.

    All badges can be provided as pdf or Illustrator files on request to

    Validity and removal

    The badges can only be used by companies that fulfill the specific criteria mentioned in the Audit Report Available Badge Details and RFI Available Badge Details.

    If a service or technology Provider no longer meets the criteria, they must remove the badges from their materials.

    To enquire whether a service or technology provider using any of Diligent badges is doing so legitimately, please contact


    The badge designs are the copyright and intellectual property of Diligent Pharma, Inc.

    Providers are allowed to use the badges as specified in this web page.

    Unauthorized alteration or use of the badges is strictly prohibited. Contact to request versions in different sizes. Your website designer, graphic designer or marketing agency are welcome to contact us on your behalf.

    Where to download badges

    You can download badge packs from this page.

    You can also request a badge pack by contacting

    Contact information

    For further inquiries or assistance regarding badge usage or larger versions please contact:

    Diligent Pharma, Inc.
    179 Nassau Street, Suite 3A
    Princeton, NJ 08542

    Last revised: November 2023