New Badges for Companies in the Diligent Provider Community

See which vendors can be quickly qualified with Diligent

Finding and qualifying the right service or technology vendors to support clinical trials can be a daunting task. These smart new badges help by identifying the service or technology vendors that are easiest to assess and qualify for clinical trial programs.

What do these badges mean for trial sponsors?

Trial sponsors can quickly get up to date Qualification Questionnaire (RFI) answers or a recent independent quality audit report (including CAPA measures) for companies showing these badges because the information they need is available quickly and inexpensively through the Diligent Qualification Platform.

A boost for GCP/GCLP service and technology providers

GCP/GCLP service and technology providers on the Diligent platform can use these badges to demonstrate that they are “assessment ready” by clinical trial sponsors with all the information needed easily available. The badges can be used on all promotional materials, websites, in slide decks or at exhibitions.

There are currently two badge levels: Audit Report Available and RFI Available.

INTEGRITY 320x150px

Audit Report Available Badge

For companies with at least one Vendor Qualification (VQA) available in the Diligent VQA Library.

INTEGRITY 320x150px

RFI Available Badge

For companies that have provided answers to at least one Request for Information (RFI)/Qualification Questionnaire for the Diligent Qualification Platform.

Ready to get started?

If you work for a service provider with details on the DQP please visit this page for details on how to download and use the badges correctly.

Not Yet on the Diligent Qualification Platform?

If you are a trial sponsor or provider and not yet using the Diligent Qualification Platform, let’s have a no-obligation discussion on how you can benefit from it – simply email Chris Casazza at or Contact Us.