How the Diligent Qualification Platform works for Trial Sponsors

Reduce your risks and save resources and time while qualifying your clinical trial providers

The Diligent Qualification Platform is designed to speed and simplify the assessment of GCP service and technology providers, making it easier and faster for sponsors to identify the risks of working with different trial providers

Easy and quick access to provider information

The Diligent Platform offers access to standardized Request For Information (RFI) or qualification questionnaire details and Vendor Qualification Assessment (VQA) reports for trial providers.

This information in RFIs and VQAs is collected from trial providers against the detailed, industry-leading standards of the WCG Avoca Quality Consortium.

Our RFIs are comprehensive and cover over 28 clinical trial services, including data management, biostatistics, eClinical and mobile technologies- see them all here. We also have a core RFI completed by all service and technology providers. At the moment, we have over 350 completed RFIs on the platform, ready for you to access on-demand.

Benefits of Diligent’s RFI service

If the RFI you’re looking for is not currently on the platform, you can request for this to be added and Diligent will take care of it. We will:

  • Send out the right questionnaires to the clinical trial provider (you have the ability to add questions of your own)
  • Chase progress and review for completeness
  • Provide you with ready to use data that you can view in a side by side analysis with other providers on the platform
  • At request, apply a risk scoring profile for the provider, specific to your needs


Dedicated Account Manager

Unlimited users – grant access to the Platform to your entire team

Access a growing repository of 350+ completed RFI questionnaires

Comparison tool to view and evaluate up to 3 RFIs side by side one on screen

How RFIs work
How VQAs work

Benefits of Diligent’s VQA service

Our VQA reports make it easier and quicker for your team to work with independent quality assessments of service or technology providers, prepared by expert Diligent quality auditors.

When a Provider is assessed by Diligent, the auditor’s VQA report is uploaded to the Platform where trial Sponsors that subscribe to Diligent can request access to it. The associated Provider is then notified via email and can add comments (for example, details of recent process improvements) before releasing the report.

So instead of waiting 2-3 months for a finalized auditor’s report, we can deliver it to you in just 2-3 days! We already have 85 VQA reports completed or in process.

If there is a specific vendor qualification assessment you need and it is not in our library, we will:

  • Schedule a meeting with your team to determine requirements
  • Select the auditor with the right experience and share the CV with you
  • Schedule the audit and conduct it as quickly as possible

If we have a VQA planned or in progress with a provider that you want to qualify, you can join our assessment – saving you time and cost.

Ability to request new VQAs and participate in VQAs already scheduled

Ability to purchase anonymized VQA reports in the Diligent VQA library

Over 85 completed VQA reports are available

Option to add premium services & customized scoring

See the Diligent Qualification Platform in action here

You can access RFIs, VQAs or both with Diligent

SaaS subscription model

Minimum 1 year subscription

Better value deals if you sign up for 2 or 3 years

You can access existing RFIs, VQAs or a mix of both

Diligent can procure new RFIs and conduct new audits on your behalf

How much does it cost?

A subscription to the Diligent Qualification Platform is priced according to the number of VQAs you are likely to require and number of existing VQAs and RFIs you would like to access.

Our plans have inbuilt flexibility in case your needs change in the middle of your subscription period.

Get an estimate now!

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