Find Your Ideal CRO Partner

The Diligent Qualification Platform makes it easy for clinical trial Sponsors to find, compare, evaluate, and hire Clinical Research Organizations.

Find your ideal CRO partner

Choosing the right clinical research organization (CRO) is vital to the success of your upcoming clinical trial. You need to find a CRO with:

  • Access to sites to reach the right patients for your study
  • Experience within your therapeutic area and study phase
  • The capabilities, resources, and services to ensure you adhere to study milestones and meet your timeline goals
  • Quality management systems in place to ensure compliance
  • Geographical coverage to conduct and manage trials in multiple countries
  • System and process flexibility as well as the technological capabilities to take advantage of newer eclinical technologies for decentralized clinical trials

With Diligent, Sponsors have access to a service provider database with completed answers to Request for Information (RFI) questions, so you can easily compare and evaluate CROs and identify the best CRO for your study.

Evaluate alternative CROs against GCP standards

To minimize risks of non-compliance with GCP, it’s critical that you ask potential CROs about many specific details to have a clear picture of their capabilities and processes. It would take a lot of time and resources for any clinical trial sponsor to develop the right question set. The team at Diligent has saved this work for sponsors by compiling RFI questionnaires based on best-in-class clinical research standards developed by the WCG Avoca Quality Consortium. This alleviates stress for QA teams and reduces the resources needed for Sponsors to develop and evaluate their own RFIs.

Furthermore, Diligent staff approach CROs on your behalf, liaise with them during the RFI completion process and check answers to ensure accuracy and as much information as possible is collected.

All these processes save your team significant time and effort.

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“Use best-in-class RFI questionnaires based on the qualification standards developed by the WCG Avoca Quality Consortium”

Save time with immediate access to over 110 CROs and clinical trial service providers with 300 completed RFIs

As a Diligent subscriber, you have instant access to our database of service providers and their completed RFIs that are searchable and easy to compare. This cuts a significant amount of time and effort compared with your team collecting and checking RFIs.

If you are interested in working with a CRO that is not already in our database, our team will contact the CRO on your behalf and drive the completion process and checking of their RFI answers. This cuts even more time and effort for your team.

When you find a CRO in the Diligent Platform, you can pull down their core RFI to access information including their location, company size and experience, specialty therapeutic areas, data integrity policies and more. From there, you can pull out service categories and hone in on specific capabilities for different service categories including:

  • Clinical Monitoring
  • Data Management
  • Biostatistics
  • Medical Writing
  • Phase 1 CRU
  • Patient Recruitment and Retention

How to compare CROs and clinical trial service providers using the Diligent Qualification Platform

Compare CRO capabilities

Want to compare RFIs from your top three picks? The RFI Comparison Tool in Diligent shows you details for any three CROs side by side to reveal their service capabilities. A side-by-side evaluation makes it easy for you to find the best CRO for your study.

Compare RFI answers from 3 CROs side by side

Cut the burden of CRO Vendor Qualification Assessment

Diligent uses a global network of experienced expert auditors to assess the qualifications of shortlisted CROs against industry-leading AQC standards. This saves you time for arranging external auditors or your own team to compile Vendor Qualification Assessment (VQA) reports for CROs and service providers.

Furthermore, with service provider approval, Diligent can facilitate sharing results of qualification assessments across more than one sponsor. The result is a VQA Library that potentially saves weeks for trial sponsors subscribing to the Diligent system.

Diligent helps clinical trial sponsors through the entire process of finding, evaluating, comparing, and qualifying CROs to reduce risks and help you select the best partner for your study.

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