Apr 8, 2024

Diligent Success Story:
Eli Lilly & Co.

“Eli Lilly & Co. (Lilly) is a proponent of Diligent Pharma’s centralized model and the organization’s efforts to drive efficiency in the qualifications of vendors.

Lilly has leveraged Diligent’s platform capabilities to quickly access completed qualification questionnaires and Vendor Qualification Assessment reports for vendors of interest.

Lilly is encouraged about the future of Diligent, as more companies, including large CROs and technology providers, begin to participate in Diligent’s centralized model to reduce the collective resource burden of vendor qualification across the industry.”

The Challenge

  • Lilly sought a solution to provide capacity relief to its audit team with respect to the qualification of its clinical service providers. 
  • The company was looking for creative ways to expedite the vendor qualification process.​

The Diligent Solution

  • Implemented Diligent Pharma subscription to support risk-based provider qualification activities for pre-qualified Providers (i.e., access to RFIs & Audit Reports).
  • Conducted Diligent qualification of new Providers of interest.

Our Impact

  • Reduction in audit burden by leveraging Diligent experts.
  • Provided access to qualification documents more quickly than was historically possible.