Apr 8, 2024

Diligent Success Story: Cerevel

“This model has exceeded our expectations.We very much like the consistent assessment criteria…

… [which] helps us feel confident in the scope of the audit. When I do the math and calculate the average cost per audit, it comes out to be lower than what I would spend on a standard, routine audit.​

The readily available VQAs [audit reports] and RFIs have shortened the time to qualification.”

The Challenge

  • Cerevel faced a significant vendor qualification backlog for key services and sought a solution to relieve the associated time & cost burden.
  • Additionally, the disparity in approach and experience of 3rd party auditors resulted in difficulty in identifying qualification risks.

The Diligent Solution

  • Implemented Diligent Pharma subscription to support risk-based provider qualification activities for pre-qualified Providers (i.e., access to RFIs & Audit Reports).
  • Conducted Diligent qualification of new Providers of interest.
  • Leveraged use of RFI comparison tool to view and evaluate Provider risks.
  • Leveraged RFI Risk Scoring services to assess relative vendor risk profiles.​
  • Participated in pre-scheduled audits.

Our Impact

  • Internal audit staff freed up for higher priority activities and scheduling flexibility​.
  • 64% reduction in audit costs compared to industry averages.
  • Qualification timelines reduced from 90+ days per provider to 2-3 days​.
  • Increased regulatory compliance & risk management by leveraging Diligent process and approach.
  • Leveraged Diligent for requalification activities as well as new qualifications​.