ClinEco & Diligent Pharma Collaborate to Make it Easier for Sponsors to Onboard Clinical Trial Service Provider Capabilities

ClinEco, a web-based platform and community connecting stakeholders across the clinical trial ecosystem, announces a strategic partnership with Diligent Pharma. Leveraging the Diligent Pharma centralized platform is a key step in ClinEco’s larger mission to help Sponsors and Providers find an easier way to engage and collaborate.

With Diligent, ClinEco now possesses the technology to enable Sponsors to discover and qualify Providers through Diligent’s centralized platform. Through a direct link on the ClinEco platform, Sponsors can now access completed qualification credentials for select Providers through the Diligent platform. As a result, Sponsors are able to quickly access high-quality completed qualification questionnaires (RFIs) and vendor qualification assessment (VQA) audit reports that meet global regulatory standards. The Diligent model represents a paradigm shift from the traditional approach to vendor qualification which stifles innovation and unnecessarily extends trial start-up times.

The partnership between ClinEco and Diligent brings additional information and data to ClinEco clients across the clinical trial space, which is central to being part of a marketplace aimed at driving awareness of resources and the exchange of capabilities across the industry.

Access the Diligent Pharma platform and Qualification Library by clicking:

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